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Staff Profiles


Makoto Kikuchi: Ph.D. from State University of New York at Buffalo (Radiochemistry)

Work Experience

He has been working in the nuclear industry especially the nuclear fuel cycle field, for over 30 years including 10 years in North America. Projects have included:

  • Researching and reviewing recent developments in nuclear power plant waste treatment and disposal, and nuclear plant decommissioning.
  • Proposing business developments in the North American market to Japanese clients.
  • Exporting newly developed technologies.
  • Introducing technologies from abroad to Japanese users.
  • Participating in academic nuclear science societies and on organization committees of international conferences.
  • Carrying out R&D for new technologies including licensing and commissioning activities.
  • Planning for new plants and improving existing plants in Japan and abroad.


Carol Kikuchi : Ph.D. from State University of New York at Buffalo (Inorganic Chemistry)

Work Experience

She has been living in Japan since 1976 and working in the following fields:

  • University teaching (Virginia Military Institute, Ibaraki University, Ibaraki Christian University).
  • English editing and rewriting services for authors of technical papers (4000 papers, more that 25 doctoral dissertations, more than 10 books).
  • Improving presentations to be given at international conferences.
  • Providing support at international conferences held in Japan.


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